Worldwide Calling & Money Transfer

Stash your Coins and Travel the World

Worldwide Calling & Money Transfer

??Check out this cool money transfer service- Boss Revolution.

?They provide multiple services for international communication. If you need to send money overseas or make a long✈️distance phone call you can rely on Boss Revolution.

??‍♀️You can also recharge?airtime minutes for local friends and family or anyone abroad and much more.

??‍♂️BR Club Exclusive Offer:

Get a 10% bonus when you recharge your International Calling account with $5 or more online and use the code BRCLUB10.

Offer valid only for pinless recharges made online at before 7/1/18. Limit one per BOSS Revolution customer.

??‍♂️Or to join directly from your phone, text “JOIN” to 55350

?Download the app and get $1off.

?Check out this cool alternative international⛳️long distance service that offers pay as you go plans without a prepaid calling card. Go here to check it out.


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