Travel to Montego Bay, Jamaica??

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Travel to Montego Bay, Jamaica??

??Montego Bay is the capital of the parish of St. James and is also Jamaica’s only other officially incorporated city, referred to as The Second City or more widely known as MoBay in local lingo and sometimes Bay by the locals.

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? The city is however the fourth largest urban area by population after Kingston, Spanish Town and Portmore, all of which form the Greater Kingston Metropolitan Area, home to over half a million people.

? As a result, Montego Bay is the second-largest Anglophone city in the Caribbean, after primate city, Kingston.

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❤️The best time to visit Jamaica is November to mid-December (mid-70s to the high 80s all year-round) is the most pleasant and the hotel and flight deals are the easiest to find.

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Passport Required for U.S Citizens, must not exceed 90 days of stay. Must have at least one blank page in passport for entry stamp.


Not Required

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?Violent crime is a serious problem throughout ?? Jamaica, particularly in Kingston and Montego Bay. Violence and shootings occur regularly in certain areas of Kingston and Montego Bay. The Regional Security Office of the ?? U.S. Embassy restricts travel by U.S. government personnel to certain urban areas of Jamaica, including but not limited to:

• Kingston – Downtown Kingston, including Mountain View, Trench Town, Tivoli Gardens, and Arnett Gardens; Standpipe, Grants Pen, and Cassava Piece.

• Montego ?? Bay – Flankers, Canterbury, Norwood, Rose Heights, Clavers Street, and Hart Street.

• Spanish Town

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Marijuana? use is widespread in Jamaica. Recent legislation has made its possession a civil offense rather than a criminal one.

• While its use is widely tolerated, possession of two ounces or less of marijuana is still illegal, and may result in a fine (not an arrest).

• Possession of more than two ounces of marijuana or possession or use of any amount of other illicit drugs remains illegal ? in Jamaica and may lead to arrest and prosecution.

• Any attempt to carry ?marijuana out of the country may lead to a serious charge of drug trafficking.


?Cars are driven on the left side of the road in Jamaica. Here are some notes for your safety:

• ?Night time driving is extremely hazardous due to poor?lighting and unpredictable pavement.

• Heavy ⛈ rains can make roads impassable and dangerous.

• ?Many roads ? suffer from ill repair, inadequate signage, large potholes and poor traffic markings. There is a ?lack of?pedestrian crosswalks.

• ?Pedestrians and animals share the roadways with vehicles.

• ?There have been reports of carjackings, including of rental ? cars.

• Only two?highways are comparable to U.S. standards, T1 which connects Spanish Town (near Kingston) to May Pen and Highway 2000 which connects Spanish Town to Mammee Bay.

• ?Driving habits range from aggressive speeding and sudden stops by ? taxis in the middle of the road to over-polite drivers who suddenly stop to allow a car to pull in front of them. All can lead to accidents.

• Official ? emergency response can be slow. In practice, assistance given in emergency situations


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