Send Money Worldwide

Stash your Coins and Travel the World

Send Money Worldwide

?Western Union Money Transfer

Over 200 countries worldwide

More than 500,000 Agent?Locations

Transfer directly to a participating bank account or for cash?pick up.

Send and Receive Money in⏳Minutes

Conveniently at your fingertips

24/7 ⏰on the go

Send money?the way you want virtually anytime and?anywhere.

??‍♂️Send money, pay bills, check〽️exchange rates*, track a transfer, and more right from the palm of your ??hand. The power to send money around the✈️world is yours with the WU app. Try Today!

??‍♀️Earn reward points*** for the money you send.

With the My WU® Membership program, you’ll earn points when you send qualifying transfers and bill payments.

??‍♂️You can redeem these points for benefits like fee reductions* and more. Sign up** and start enjoying the rewards today!

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??‍♂️After you have sent money abroad, call the recipients to confirm the transaction.

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