Passive Income Ideas

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Passive Income Ideas

Passive Income Ideas!!!

Make YouTube videos: you can make videos in just about any area of life and upload them on YouTube. After you upload them, you need to attach Google AdSense to them so that anytime a viewer gets to click the adverts attached to the videos; you get paid by Google AdSense. You need not have the whole shebang needed to make a video like camera, stand, lighting etc. a good phone with great specs would serve you just fine.


Write and eBook: if you are a prolific writer, you can write an eBook on any subject of your choice and sell the eBook on your website. If you don’t have the required followership, you could offer to schedule an affiliate arrangement with other websites that offer content similar to yours. Writing and selling your eBook can provide you with passive income for years.


Open a membership site: membership sites are places where you charge people some money before they can have access to your exclusive contents. Your income increases when you have more members because you get to charge them monthly fees. You can offer instruction and training manuals or even tour guides.


Create an online course: if you are very versatile in a particular field, you can create a course in that field and sell it online. If you are capable, you can create loads of courses and put them up for sale. These courses can earn you a very tidy sum. You can sell them for between $20 and $100 depending on the course in question. Additionally, you can host your course on your website or take advantage of sites like Udemy that can help you out. Udemy is one of the world’s biggest learning marketplaces.


Storage Rental: do you own an open space or a warehouse? You could rent it out to people to store their stuff for an agreed period of time.


Build a drop shipping store: You can start a drop shipping store online. It is quite easy nowadays to set up and run an eCommerce site. Sites like Shopify have made this possible. The good thing with this is that you can sell just about anything you want.


Sell your own products online: you can create just about anything and sell it online. You can set up a dedicated website for this, or you can sell it on an affiliate basis, or through platforms such as ClickBank.


Design T shirts: you could design T shirts and sell your designs online. Websites like CafePress can enable you to sell your original, wacky, if not crazy T shirt designs. You get to earn a commission if someone buys them.


Share dividends: dividends are monies paid to shareholders of stocks. Share dividends are a good source of passive income as you get to receive a small return on your investment every quarter or so without you lifting a hand to do any extra work.


Peer to peer lending: this is a situation where you lend money to people who need them to solve their various problems, but with an interest. Investing with companies like Lending Club can guarantee you returns of up to 10 percent.

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