Long Distance Cheating

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Long Distance Cheating

Wondering if your partner is cheating? Long Distance Relationship?

We’ve compiled our list that may be helpful in determining your concerns.

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1. They don’t make time for you

They’re too tired, too busy, too this or that to talk. If they’re making room for a side fling, they have to sacrifice time with you. Count on more excuses and more calls going straight to voicemail.

2. They’ve stopped saying I love you and criticizes more

When they’ve been unfaithful, they put an invisible wall between you. They’ll have a harder time saying intimate, loving things to you because it will make them feel more guilty.

3. Phone switched off

Their phone is often out of battery, out of credit, or in airplane mode

4. Their routine has changed

If they have been staying out and checking in on you later than usual for no apparent reason, something or someone must be keeping them busy. The same holds true if there are other changes in their routine that they’ve failed to mention to you. Such as regularly eating out for dinner instead of staying in, or checking in on you in the morning instead of your usual lunch break chats.

5. Dishonesty

Is one of the most obvious signs of cheating in a long-distance relationship. If your partner is frequently dishonest or if their stories don’t keep adding up, it is possible that they are cheating on you.

If they lie about small and menial things such as where they were or who they were with, you should consider the possibility that your partner is cheating on you. Furthermore if your partner is constantly dishonest, you should definitely consider ending the relationship.

6. Decrease in flirting

If your partner no longer makes an effort to flirt, it is possible that they are having an affair. Now this does not mean that if your partner isn’t flirting with you everyday, they are having an affair.

Rather it is they don’t appear to be interested in flirting, or if they don’t flirt back, they are no longer interested in you and it is highly likely that they no longer care about staying faithful in a long-distance relationship

7. Lack of intimacy

If you feel that your relationship has started to lose its intimacy, it is time for you to be worried. Now a lack of emotional intimacy does not in itself mean that your partner is cheating.

However, if a relationship lacks emotional intimacy, it is very likely that your partner will try to fulfill their emotional needs from someone else. A lack of intimacy often leads to no one staying faithful in a long- distance relationship.

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