FREE US Postal Mail Payments while traveling Abroad.

Stash your Coins and Travel the World

FREE US Postal Mail Payments while traveling Abroad.

?Did you know that you can mail ?your bills or physical check✍️transactions in US from another country?for FREE?

?Yes, you can!!! With a cool service provided from Chime Debit ?Card. All you need is to open a FREE account and set-up an optional direct deposit for your funds.

Once the funds?are available in your account you can now be able mail your bills electronically using Chimes mobile?app or ?website. Chime?will mail the bill for you in your behalf. Please allow plenty of time before sending, so plan ahead to avoid any inconveniences due to mailing delays.

?Now you have it!!! FREE mail?delivery for your bills or any transaction that requires a physical check payment.

?Order your Chime Debit?Card Here and claim your exclusive $25 bonus by referral invite only.

?Oh yeah, No FEES for Chime Debit?Card, you also can opt in for the 10% cash Back savings as well. Which rounds up your transactions and transfers the unused amount to your savings and matches the amount by 10%.?

?For Example, you purchase a drink for $1.10, Chime will automatically transfer $.90 to your savings.Round up total is now $2.00. ?Then Chime will give you $.09 additional for the amount of the round up which is 10%.

?So you just earned $.09 for purchasing a $1.10 drink, how cool!!! All 10% bonuses are added up for all purchases only each week and paid out the following Friday into yoursavings?account.


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