10 Richest Counties to Live in the US

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10 Richest Counties to Live in the US

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  1. Loudoun County, VA (Median Household Income $125,900) 11,700 Businesses, employing more than 161,000 people
  2. Falls Church County, VA (Median Household Income $122,092) Smallest County 12,000 people
  3. Fairfax County, VA (Median Household Income $112,844) First US County to reach six-figure household Income
  4. Howard County, MD (Median Household Income $110,224) Best Place to Live & Best Place to Raise a Family
  5. Douglas County, CO (Median Household Income $109,926) 2.2% Unemployment Rate
  6. Los Alamos County, NM (Median Household Income $107,126) 18,147 Residents
  7. Williamson County, TN (Median Household Income $104,367) 489,250 Residents are Educated
  8. Arlington County, VA (Median Household Income $104,354) Home to the Pentagon
  9. Hunterdon County, NJ (Median Household Income $102,797) High Costs of Living
  10. Santa Clara County, CA (Median Household Income $102,191) 1.89 Million Residents

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